About Us

Hey friends,

My name is Amarjeet is the founder of BiographyLab.in

I am a student by profession but a blogger with passion, I love designing websites and blogging.

I have been blogging and affiliate marketing and website design since 20-18, and have set up some digital online business and my success is not hidden from my social community and I am trying to go further.

I am very fond of sharing all my learning and experiences of blogging, SEO, Google ranking and website passive income tips to my readers and every blogging enthusiast. Try to teach

BiographyLab will be an operating system for blogging.

I have a YouTube channel called Social Facts, in which I put videos of facts, if you are interested in it, please visit

You may fail at one point in blogging and website travel but I am here to accompany you around as long as you are willing to bond with me.

For those who are curious to know about my birthplace and where I am from, I am coming from Basti, Uttar Pradesh (India).

If you have any suggestion or for any information you can contact us
Thank you